Media Contacts

The Office of Public Affairs & Communications is a resource to local, national and international media. We can facilitate your access to our faculty and help you navigate our beautiful campus.

The portfolios of our seven communications officers are summarized in brief below. If you don’t find the topic you are reporting on, please call the main number at OPAC: 203-432-1345.

Biomedical Sciences

William Hathaway
O: 203-432-1322
C: 203-859-8903
Neurosciences, psychiatry, genetics, evolutionary biology, cell biology, psychology and West Campus

Arts, Humanities & Museums

Amy Athey McDonald
O: 203-432-8553
C: 203-584-2305
Yale Center for British Art, Yale University Art Gallery, Peabody Museum, Schools of Architecture, Music, Art, and Dance 

Arts & Humanities

Bess Connolly Martell
O: 203-432-1324
C: 203-410-5032
School of Drama, Divinity School, Law school, Yale Repertory Theater, Languages and Literature, and History 

Physical Sciences/Engineering

Jim Shelton
O: 203-432-3881
C: 203-361-8332
Astronomy, chemistry, geology and geophysics, and engineering

Yale Medicine/Health Sciences

Karen N. Peart
O: 203-432-1326
C: 203-980-2222
Cardiovascular medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, and Child Study Center

Ziba Kashef
O: 203-436-9317
C: 203-980-9249
Endocrinology, pathology, surgery, infectious diseases, immunology, Yale Cancer Center, School of Public Health