Yale Responds to Ebola

The deadly Ebola virus has taken thousands of lives in West Africa and threatens to affect many more people around the world. The first death has been confirmed on American soil, and the Yale community of faculty, students, and staff are taking steps to help tackle this growing global health threat in many different and creative ways.

Lectures, panels, and concerts planned in the upcoming weeks are all designed to  educate the Yale community and the general public about the virus and how it spreads. These educational outreach community events aim to raise awareness and dispel myths and fears about the virus.

The university has also set up a fundraising page for those interested in donating to organizations that are actively involved in helping the hardest-hit countries in West Africa.

Check this page frequently to see the many other ways in which Yale is taking action to raise awareness, educate the public, and fund relief efforts. We will share first-person accounts of those on the frontlines when the virus began to take hold. We will also share op-eds and link to additional information that will broaden knowledge on this major epidemic.