Past Events

Documentary Filmmaker
November 28, 2012
Public screening of "Nora"

Followed by a Q&A with Alla Kovgan

Sponsored by the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, Theater Studies, and Film Studies.

Correspondent, NPR's Planet Money
November 28, 2012
"From Wall Street to Your Street: A Conversation with Robert Smith of Planet Money"

Morse College Master’s Tea

Staff Writer, The New Yorker
November 13, 2012
"A Conversation with Susan Orlean of the New Yorker"

Morse College Master’s Tea

Editor-in-Chief, The Atlantic
November 8, 2012
“Editing the Atlantic”

Davenport College Master’s Tea

National Environment Reporter
November 8, 2012
"A Conversation with Felicity Barringer"

Saybrook College Master’s Tea

Art Critic, The New York Times
November 8, 2012
“Art’s Job”

Pierson College Master’s Tea

Editor - Thomson Reuters Digital
November 8, 2012
“The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else”
Contributing Writer, Author and Freelance Journalist
November 5, 2012
“Women’s Health and the Environment”

Berkeley College Master’s Tea

Investigative Reporter, The New York Times
October 17, 2012
“Investigative Journalism at Work: Revealing the Corruption of Power Wielders”
Journalist and Culinary Historian
October 16, 2012
"Julia Child at 100: Does She Still Matter?"

Master’s Tea