Information on New Haven shooting of April 16, 2019

A shooting incident took place in the early morning of April 16 in New Haven. As the State’s Attorney’s Office conducts its investigation, Yale will share information as quickly as possible about the circumstances of the shooting. This webpage will be updated regularly.

Summary of Key Facts

  • At 4:15 a.m. on April 16, a Yale police officer responded to a call to assist a Hamden police officer. The Yale officer was patrolling the Science Park area and was therefore not far by car from the location of the Hamden officer.
  • The Hamden police officer was looking for a vehicle based on a 911 call reporting an attempted armed robbery.
  • A woman who was a passenger in the vehicle was shot by the police. She was transported to Yale New Haven Hospital for treatment. Her injury was not life-threatening.
  • The State’s Attorney’s Office is investigating the shooting and Yale has initiated its own review.
  • Evidence, including all police video devices, was secured by state officials at the scene.
  • The Yale police officer who responded is Terrance Pollock, a 16-year veteran of the department. Per standard protocol, he has been placed on leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.


  1. What is known about the circumstances of the shooting?
    Following a 911 call to Hamden police reporting an attempted armed robbery at a gas station, Hamden police and Yale police stopped a car in New Haven. Both officers fired their weapons, and the woman who was a passenger in the vehicle was wounded.
  2. What is the condition of the person who was shot?
    According to the New Haven Mayor’s Office, she is resting and requesting privacy.
  3. Who is the Yale police officer involved, and what is his status?
    The Yale police officer who responded to the call for assistance from Hamden police is Terrance Pollock, a 16-year veteran of the department. He has been placed on leave, per standard protocol.
  4. Has Yale’s president said anything about this matter?
    Yes, President Peter Salovey wrote a letter to the Yale community on April 17.
  5. How and when did Yale communicate with its community about this incident?
    Vice President for Administration Janet Lindner informed the Yale community about the incident and the involvement of Yale police in an email on April 16. Yale has provided updates since that initial communication, including a letter to the community from President Peter Salovey.
  6. Who is conducting the official investigation of this shooting?
    The Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office, assisted by the State Police, is investigating the shooting.
  7. How long will the investigation take?
    The head of the Connecticut State Police said on April 23 that the investigation could take two to three months to complete.
  8. Will the results of the investigation be made public?
    Yale assumes the state will make its findings public.
  9. Is Yale cooperating with the investigation?
    Yes, Yale has been, and will continue to be, fully cooperative with the state.
  10. Will Yale conduct its own review?
    Yes, Yale is beginning its own review of the incident, and is engaging an outside consultant to assist in that process. Yale’s review and conclusions will ultimately require the results of the State’s criminal investigation, and we ask for the community’s patience as that process unfolds. 
  11. Did Yale’s police officer wear a body camera? If so, did it film the shooting?
    Yale’s police officer was wearing a body camera. His body camera and the video camera from the Yale police vehicle were secured by state officials at the scene of the shooting. The state said the Yale officer’s camera was not activated while shots were being fired by the Hamden and Yale officer, and there is no video from the Yale vehicle’s camera. The state has released video from the body camera of the Hamden officer when he fired his weapon. The state also released the recording of the 911 call to police reporting an attempted armed robbery that led to the shooting.

Page last updated: December 20, 2019