Jaehong Kim Ph.D.

  • Henry P. Becton Sr. Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Water treatment, disinfection, photocatalysis, energy and water, nanotechnology


My research focuses on developing breakthrough, sustainable technologies based on fundamentals of chemistry, biochemistry, organic and inorganic materials science, and chemical engineering. My research is deep in fundamental science but has the well-defined goals of real-world engineering application and contribution to society and humankind. I promote the motto, “high-tech solutions for low-tech problems,” and a significant portion of my research focuses on providing unconventional solutions based on cutting- edge technologies to environmental problems, particularly those in the developing world. More specifically, my interest include: 1) environmental implication and application of nanomaterials; 2) development of photoluminescence / photocatalysis technology for environmental and energy application; and 3) membrane process and materials development.