Terms of Use for Photos & Video

The Office of Public Affairs & Communications maintains an archive of curated images and video of the Yale campus, its programs, and its people. Yale University retains the rights for the non-commercial distribution and use of the media in these collections.

Linked content can be downloaded free of charge for use in official and affiliated university publications and websites. News organizations and others may also use the photos and videos for editorial, non-commercial purposes, provided they are not altered in any way (other than for formatting purposes or editing for length), and that such use in the final publication does not state or imply the approval or endorsement of Yale University (or any of its departments, schools, or affiliates) of the news organization, or any other organization, person, product, or service.

The display of photos must credit Yale University and the name of the photographer listed in the detailed view of each photo, when available. Video material must be attributed to the originating Yale office as credited in the downloaded clip.

Any use beyond that described above requires the explicit permission of Yale University.

If you need content that isn’t available in the collection, please email opac@yale.edu so we can search the private database that contains additional material.

You may direct any comments or questions to opac@yale.edu.