About Poynter

By sponsoring symposia and conferences on issues of broad public concern and by bringing to the university some of the most outstanding journalists from the United States and abroad, the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism has helped Yale students and faculty gain special insight into the media and its role in contemporary culture.

Poynter Fellows generally visit the campus for periods of one to two days, often staying in Yale’s residential colleges’ guest suites. The emphasis of each visit is to exchange ideas with students and faculty in a relaxed environment: over meals, a seminar table, or a Head of College tea. One session is usually open to the entire Yale community and the public. Other discussions are reserved for specific classes, departments, and invited groups of undergraduates, graduate students and professors.

The Poynter Fellowship has sponsored visits by reporters, editors and professionals from all print and broadcast media as well as documentary filmmakers, communications experts and media critics. While the majority of Poynter Fellows have come from the United States, the program has also sponsored visits by journalists from overseas and plans to increase the number of international Fellows.

Since 1971, the Poynter Fellowship has also sponsored conferences and symposiums on a wide range of topics. Poynter conferences usually bring several distinguished journalists to Yale at one time; to participate in joint sessions with the other invitees and also to meet with small groups of students and faculty.

As educators throughout their stay on campus, Poynter Fellows have led classroom discussions in political science, American studies, sociology, economics, English, history and other fields. They have aided faculty, graduate students and undergraduates with research projects in their particular fields of expertise. Selected Poynter Fellows have also been asked to join the Yale faculty for a term to conduct a formal, accredited course on a subject not covered in the Yale curriculum.

Poynter Fellowship Advisory Committee

Francesco Casetti, Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Humanities; Professor, Film Studies

Tom Conroy, University Press Secretary, Office of Public Affairs and Communications

Abbe Gluck, Professor, Yale Law School; Associate Professor, Institution for Social and Policy Studies  

Jacob Hacker, Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science; Director, Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Anthony Leiserowitz, Senior Research Scientist, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies 

Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Bliss Massaro, Associate Director, Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, Office of Public Affairs and Communications

Laura Pappano, Poynter Fellow-in-Residence

Alaina Pritchard, Program Coordinator, Office of Public Affairs and Communications

Stephanie Reynolds Ramos, Woodbridge Fellow, Office of Public Affairs and Communications

Fred Strebeigh, Senior Lecturer, English and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Meg Urry, Israel Munson Professor of Physics