Alexandra Bregman

Freelance art writer, Forbes Contributor, and book author
March 1, 2024 - 11:30am
The Gollum Effect: Antiquities Acquisition at Yale and Beyond
276 Humanities Quadrangle See map
320 York Street

About Alexandra Bregman 

Alexandra Bregman is a freelance art writer who has covered Asian art and antiquities for Architectural Digest, The Art Newspaper, Hong Kong-based Asian Art News, Tokyo-based Nikkei Asia, London-based Asian Art Newspaper and Forbes, where she is a regular contributor. She has also consulted for and lectured at a number of Indian art galleries in New York, as well as Columbia, New York University, Quinnipiac, and Yale. Prior art world experiences led her to travel to New Delhi, Dhaka, and Lahore.

Bregman authored the book The Bouvier Affair: A True Story in 2019, which was featured in the 2021 film, The Lost Leonardo. She contributed a chapter, “A History of Art Business Journalism,” to the Routledge Companion to Business Journalism out this January, and remains a Yale Global Justice Fellow.

Previously, Bregman was a Teaching Associate at the Columbia Journalism School Business and Economics program, from which she completed a Master of Arts, and completed a B.A. in English and Art History at Smith College, which included a year at Université Paris IV-Sorbonne. She is fluent in French with working knowledge of Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, and German