Carla Minet and Luis Valentín Ortiz

October 24, 2019 - 4:00pm
Investigative Journalism, Social Justice, and Political Mobilization in Puerto Rico
Ezra Stiles Head of College House See map
9 Tower Parkway

Co-sponsored by The Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM) and Ezra Stiles College

About Carla Minet

Carla Minet is the Executive Director of the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, an award-winning, globally recognized investigative journalism collective in Puerto Rico. Minet has been a freelance journalist for publications such as 80 degrees, the CPI, and Diálogo. For six years, she was executive director of the community press organization. She has worked as a researcher and producer of radio, television and Internet, on Channel 6, Radio Universidad, El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora, Univisión and NotiCel. She obtained her baccalaureate from the School of Public Communication of the University of Puerto Rico, and a joint masters in journalism from the University of Barcelona and the University of Columbia in New York.

About Luis Valentín Ortiz

Luis Valentín Ortiz studied economics at Pennsylvania State University. He began his journalist experience in the Caribbean Business weekly, where he worked for seven years. While working as editor at Caribbean Business, Mr. Valentín Ortiz began legal studies at the University of Puerto Rico Law School. After obtaining his juris doctor in 2014, Mr. Valentín Ortiz began to cover themes related to the governmental fiscal management in Puerto Rico, including detailed examinations of the Island’s public fiscal debt. For his coverage of this theme, he won the 2016 Laura Rivera Award to the Best Young Journalist of the Year, granted by the Association of Puerto Rican Journalists. In 2018, Mr. Valentín Ortiz began to work for the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (Center for Investigative Journalism), where he continues his specialized coverage of Puerto Rico’s public debt, the PROMESA federal law, and the Fiscal Control Board and the bankruptcy process facing the Island.