Nic Robertson

Award-Winning International Diplomatic Editor, CNN
February 24, 2020 - 4:30pm
Surviving Warzones: Life on the front line of history, the murderers, the madness and making sense of it all
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About Nic Robertson

Nic Robertson is an award-winning International Diplomatic Editor at CNN. Since joining the network in 1990, he has reported on some of the biggest stories in the world, focusing on global terrorism and armed conflict. He has been one of the first-in, last-out, and most-watched foreign correspondents reporting on wars in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan; terrorist attacks in the UK and Norway; and disasters in New Orleans and Italy. People Magazine has named him sexiest foreign correspondent. More meaningfully, Robertson has won two Peabody Awards, several Emmy Awards, and the Prix Bayeux TV War Correspondent of the Year award.