Rebecca Nagle

Award-Winning Journalist and Host & Producer of the "This Land" Podcast
November 14, 2022 - 4:00pm
We Still Here: Fighting Erasure Through Indigenous Storytelling
HQ L02 See map
320 York St.

About Rebecca Nagle 

Rebecca Nagle is an award-winning journalist and citizen of Cherokee Nation. She is the writer and host of the podcast This Land. Her writing on Native representation, federal Indian law, and tribal sovereignty has been featured in the Atlantic, the Washington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, Indian Country Today, and more. Rebecca Nagle is the recipient of the American Mosaic Journalism Prize, Women’s Media Center’s Exceptional Journalism Award, a Peabody Nominee, and numerous awards from the Native American Journalist Association.

Indigenous communities deserve the same standard of journalism as the rest of the country, but rarely receive it from non-Native media outlets. Nagle‘s journalism seeks to correct this. From the census, to COVID, to the Supreme Court, Nagle focuses on deeply and timely reporting that sheds light on issues of national importance.

Nagle lives in Tahlequah, OK, where she also works on language revitalization.