Susannah Cahalan

Journalist and Author
April 28, 2021 - 5:00pm
On Being ’Sane’ in Insane Places: Science, Pseudoscience, and Psychiatry in the Modern Era

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Susannah Cahalan will be in conversation with Nathan Ha, MD, PhD, resident in psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine. The conversation will be moderated by Randi Epstein, MD, MPH.

Co-sponsored by the Yale School of Medicine’s Program for Humanities in Medicine and the Yale College English Department and Program in the History of Science and Medicine

About Susannah Cahalan

Susannah Cahalan is a journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her first book was the bestselling memoir Brain on Fire, in which she chronicled her own struggles with a rare autoimmune disease and being is diagnosed with a serious mental illness. That book inspired a 2016 Netflix drama by the same name, and her experience contending with the mental health care system has led Cahalan to become a leading voice on the treatment of mental illness in the United States. Her second book The Great Pretender, investigates the hugely influential pseudopatient experiment conducted by David Rosenhan in the 1970s and its place in the modern history of psychiatry.

Watch Susannah Cahalan’s Poynter lecture here