Past Events

Reporter, Wall Street Journal
February 1, 2007
A Discussion with Michael Phillips
Founder and Editor-in-Chief Etiqueta Negra Magazine (Peru)
November 30, 2006
“The Chronicle: On Understanding a Misunderstood Non-fiction. With the Epilogue: How to Make Enemies Doing a Non-Fiction Magazine”

Reception to Follow

Columnist, The Times-Picayune
October 26, 2006
“Bricks, Mortar and Music: The Architecture of Second Line Parades”

Master’s Tea

Editor-at-Large, The New Republic
September 28, 2006
“A Liberal Vision For The War on Terror”

Master’s Tea

Editor-at-large, Fortune magazine
March 22, 2006
"Power and Leadership"
American journalist, author and lawyer
March 10, 2006
March 1, 2006
Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly
March 1, 2006
Former Editor-in-Chief, Mother Jones
March 1, 2006