Past Events

Los Angeles Times Senior Editor & Roving Correspondent
October 12, 2009
A Reporter's Notebook: Dispatches from Africa to America

Master’s Tea

Producer and Director, "American Casino"
September 30, 2009
Film Studies Coffee with Leslie Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn (Co-producer)
NBC News Special Correspondent
September 22, 2009
The Future of Journalism
Award-winning Journalist & Author
April 30, 2009
Master’s Tea
Professor of History, Delhi University
April 29, 2009
A Long Revolution? Indian Politics in Transition, 1989-2009
Staff Writer, The New Yorker
April 27, 2009
China in the Age of Obama: Democracy, Identity and Style

Co-sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies

Editor, Financial Times
April 21, 2009
Did financial journalists miss the financial crisis
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist New York Times
April 13, 2009
The DNA Age: Telling Science Stories About Ourselves
Science Columnist, Wall Street Journal
April 7, 2009
Balance as Bias: Science Journalism in a Partisan Era
Music Critic and Author of Rip It Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984
April 4, 2009
Master's Tea