Past Events

Contributing Writer, New Yorker | Author, The Hot Zone & The Wild Trees
September 20, 2010
Extreme Journalism
Anchor, NTV (Turkey)
April 21, 2010
Turkey: A ‘One Of A Kind’ Democracy and its Problems
Co-Host, NPR Radio Lab and Correspondent, NPR Science Unit
April 20, 2010
Saddam Hussein's Secret Octopus and Other Tales of Science
Senior Editor, The New Republic
April 19, 2010
What Now: The Future of Health Care Reform
Science Reporter, USA TODAY
April 15, 2010
Behind the Wizard's curtain: science news you aren't getting from the old – or new – science media
U.S. Correspondent, La Jornada (Mexico City)
April 15, 2010
The Current Contours of U.S.-Mexican Relations: The Drug War, Undocumented Migration and Prospects for a Common Agenda
Deputy Editorial Page Editor | Op-Ed Page Editor, New York Times
April 12, 2010
The Art and Science of the Op-Ed
Anchor and Managing Editor, Dan Rather Reports
April 8, 2010
A Conversation with Dan Rather: Journalism, Justice and the Environment

In conjunction with the 2010 Environmental Film Festival at Yale.

Journalist, Choreographer and Dancer
April 6, 2010
President and CEO, NPR
April 5, 2010
Is the News Business Dying?

Master’s Tea