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Investigative Journalist
April 14, 2022
Media Coverage of Libya since 2011: too many shortcuts
Music Reporter, Los Angeles Times
April 13, 2022
Pop in Translation, Reporting on Latin Music’s Global Impact

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Co-sponsored by Broad Recognition; The Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration; DOWN Magazine; Poynter Fellowship; Public Humanities at Yale; and Saybrook College.

Writer, Journalist, and Producer
April 13, 2022
The White Correspondent's Burden

How do we write about where we’re not from? Can we write about “others,” and how should we? Foreign correspondents have come under attack both for budgetary reasons (they’re expensive), and ethical ones (“locals” should tell their own stories). In this talk, Jina Moore will argue for the virtues of foreign correspondence. Outsiders can cultivate the ability to see new or different sides of insiders’ problems and strengths, and share them with the world. Ms. Moore will speak about how to develop the skill of conveying the full humanity of one’s subjects, even in the context of editorial prejudices and while reckoning with the forms of privilege that shape people’s lives.

Award-winning & Bestselling Novelist and Essayist
April 12, 2022
Life After Yale: An Exploration with Min Jin Lee

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Co-sponsored by: Yale’s Asian American Cultural Center, Yale Schwarzman Center, Yale English Department and Yale Office of Career Strategies

Staff writer at The Atlantic and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic
April 7, 2022
How Normal Led to This: On Two Years of Covering the Pandemic
April 6, 2022
Séance: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm
Staff Writer, The New Yorker
April 1, 2022
A Conversation with The New Yorker’s Ben Taub

Moderated by Emily Bazelon, Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School

Please join Ben Taub, staff writer for The New Yorker, for a wide-ranging discussion about war, law, and journalism. Drawing on his extensive reporting from Syria and Iraq, Taub will discuss efforts by human rights activists, lawyers, and journalists to hold war criminals to account, and the effect of impunity on the conduct of war in the Middle East and Europe. He will also answer questions about his experience reporting on an array of subjects everywhere from the arctic to the ocean floor, and will discuss the state of long-form investigative journalism today. Emily Bazelon, staff writer at the New York Times Magazine and Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School, will moderate.

Author and Associate Professor of Communication, Culture and Media Studies at Howard University
March 31, 2022
100% Disruptive: Don’t Mute DC, ‘Pushy Women,” and the Campaign to End Anti-Blackness in the Arts and Public Life.

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Investigative Journalist
March 31, 2022
Media Coverage of Tunisian Elections - Lack of information and of accountability

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Co-sponsored by the Global Justice Program. 

Afghan Film Director
March 29, 2022
Screening of Parlika (2016) followed by Q&A with the director

This documentary tells the story of Suraya Parlika, an Afghan woman who dared to enter public politics, which is eminently a territory of men.