Past Events

Director, Vogue Runway
November 8, 2019
In Vogue: a Talk with Fashion Journalist Nicole Phelps

Co-sponsored by Y Fashion House and The Politic

Contributing Editor and Writer, Vanity Fair Magazine
November 7, 2019
Total-Immersion Nonfiction Writing
Business and Climate Change Reporter, Washington Post
November 4, 2019
Extreme Climate Change in Today’s America
Founder and Editor, American Affairs
November 4, 2019
American Affairs and Conservative Critiques of Neoliberalism. Julius Krein, editor of American Affairs, interviewed by Amy Kapczynski, Yale Law School Introduced by Kimberly Goff-Crews, secretary and vice president for student life.

Julius will be interviewed by Amy Kapczynski, Professor of Law.

Staff Writer, The New Yorker
October 31, 2019
The Fate of Syria

Ben Taub, a staff writer for the New Yorker who has reported extensively from Syria and Iraq, will discuss the ramifications of the United States’s withdrawal from Syria and the tenuous state of post-ISIS Iraq. He’ll also discuss and answer questions about his own experience reporting from the region and writing about war crimes, human rights, and military campaigns.

Co-sponsored by the Schell Center for International Human Rights, Yale Law National Security Group (NSG)

Chief Correspondent, The Business of Fashion
October 25, 2019
Lauren Sherman and the Business of Fashion

Co-sponsored by Y Fashion House

Tony-Award Winning Playwright, Author of the Vagina Monologues, Performer and Activist
October 25, 2019
Women: Moving From Surviving to Thriving - Keynote Address for the Women's Mental Health Conference at Yale

The full schedule for the Women’s Mental Health Conference at Yale can be found at this link:

Co-sponsored by The Women’s Mental Health Conference at Yale

October 24, 2019
Investigative Journalism, Social Justice, and Political Mobilization in Puerto Rico

Co-sponsored by The Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM) and Ezra Stiles College

October 23, 2019

Panelists include: 

Wesley Morris, Critic-at-Large, The New York Times

Ava Kofman, Technology Reporter, ProPublica

Yuki Noguch, National Desk Correspondent, NPR 

Sarah Stillman, Staff Writer, The New Yorker 

Co-sponsored by Creative Writing Program, Department of English, and the Paul Block Journalism Program. 

Restaurant Critic, San Francisco Chronicle
October 23, 2019
Chewing the Fat: A Timothy Dwight College Tea with Soleil Ho, Food Writer

Chewing the Fat is the Yale Sustainable Food Program’s long-standing speaker series. All events are free and open to the public. This event is also hosted in collaboration with the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, the Asian American Cultural Center at Yale and Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration.